Blog Post # 38 Contents of my Magazine

 The content page of my magazine consists of tips and pro tricks on how to use watercolor, sketch, and create landscapes I used various other pictures I drew in the contents page

Blog post# 37 Cover Page for my Art Magazine

 My cover page for my art magazine, Thinking Outside the Canvas, features a water color painting I did, along with several famous artists quotes

Blog Post #36 Feature Story for Magazine

 Magazine: Thinking Outside the Canvas Feature Story: My feature story is about my cousin who aspires to be an artist later in her life and make a career out of it. The story mainly talks about how my cousin wants to be an artist but her mom, my aunt, is disapproving of her goals and thinks she doesn’t have the skill for it. 

Blog Post # 35 Results from Magazine Survey

These are the results of 19 students who responded to my survey.   

Blog post # 34 CCR Questions

 CCR 1

Blog post # 33 Readership

 The genre of readership I used for reference are magazines.